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Printed Date: Friday, July 19, 2024

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Bio-control can effectively replace chemical pesticides, negate health hazards

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 26 2020: The two day workshop on 'Biocontrol of crop pests invasive & utilization of insects as food in North East Region of India', organised by the Directorate of Extension Education, CAU and ICAR-National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources (NBAIR) Bengaluru, concluded at College of Agriculture, CAU today.

Vice Chancellor, CAU Imphal Professor M Premjit, Dean of CAO, CAU Imphal Professor Indira Sarangthem, Registrar, CAU Imphal Professor K Mamocha and Director (EE), CAU, Imphal Professor RK Saha graced the function as dignitaries.

Speaking at the function, VC Premjit said that farmers in Punjab get the highest income across India while adding that the wheat production in Punjab was substantially increased during the green revolution.

Although the people had a bountiful harvest, the amount of fertilisers and pesticides utilised during that time has now turned the water toxic and the rate of chemicals present is questionably high, he asserted.

He continued that even though, the State had increased its production, it is not worth it if the health security is compromised.

The present generation, especially the millennials, care less if the vegetables sold in the market have high content of pesticide residue, he said.

In the context of Manipur, the farmers, after deducting non-farm ways, get around Rs 7800 as the monthly income while the farmers income in Punjab has reached around Rs 16,000, maintained the VC.

Different varieties of fruit, vegetables and spices are produced in the entire North East, including turmeric, pineapple, orange, black rice etc, Professor Premjit said while adding that these products have to be organically produced if they are to be made available at premium price.

Registrar, CAU K Mamocha maintained that biological control is the method of controlling a particular pest with the use of other biological agent/insect which target the said pest, instead of using chemicals/fertilisers to kill the pest.

Saying that there have been pests invading the crops/plants from outside the State, Professor Premjit recalled Fall armyworm pest (which attacked the maize crops from outside the State, last year).

Experts and farmers of the State should be prepared for such kind of pest invasion, he opined.

Saying that the people in the North East region consumes certain kind of insects (Naoshek, Thawai Kuppi etc), he maintained that the two day workshop was organised to raise awareness about the harmful impacts and benefits of consuming the insects and also to figure out the value of the insects in the production of crops and environment.

Awards were presented to three farmers and two officials under the poster presentation category.