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Printed Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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World Environment Day observed : Perils of plastic pollution highlighted

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 05 2023: As observed across the world, the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change observed "World Environment Day" on the theme "Solution to Plastic Pollution" today at the conference hall of the directorate. The State level observation was attended by noted senior journalist Irengbam Arun as chief guest.
The keynote address of the observation programme was delivered by Joint Director of the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change T Brajakumar who also dwelt on the importance of this year's theme which focuses on 'Solution For Plastic Pollution' under the campaign #BeatThePlastic.

T Brajakumar said the day is celebrated amidst the restive situation to spread the message of the day and to remind everyone of the responsibility to help fix environmental issues together.

World Environment Day observed

He also said that this year's celebration is the 51st edition but despite the annual celebrations and efforts to lessen threats to the environment, humans continue to exploit and harm it.

"The day is observed to save the planet Earth which hosts millions of organisms including we humans," he reiterated.

He went on to say plastic pollution has emerged as one of the biggest threats to the environment and everyone should contribute towards fighting plastic pollution and in finding solutions to it.

Plastic has become an inseparable thing to humans as it is very handy and bears many useful properties.

Even though it has manifold properties, it also has many disadvantages as it can also lead to serious environmental issues once it is worn out and discarded since the material is not biodegradable, he said.

To fight plastic pollution, the Government of India has also directed all the States of the country to prepare an action plan.

As such, the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change is engaged in preparing an action plan as the nodal agency with consultation with line departments, he said.

For Manipur, the Government has already implemented "Manipur Plastic Policy", he added.

He also emphasised on the ill effects and health hazards caused by invisible micro and nano-plastic which has already entered our ecosystem and in the food chain.

Speaking at the occasion, a member of Manipur Adventure and Allied Sports Institute, Mangi said plastic materials are hardly discarded in advanced countries.

"They are either disposed of properly or collected for recycling and reuse.

We should adopt a similar policy by endorsing only recyclable plastic materials," he said.

In his address, chief guest of the function, Irengbam Arun said human's plastic use habit has been deeply embedded and the only solution to fight its ill effects is to give it up at all possible levels.

Environmentalist Rajesh Salam who was also attending the programme, said that it is time for everyone to put forth the ways to tackle plastic issues at personal level.

Highlighting that scientists have discovered the possible replacement of plastic- "Bioplastic" in cassava (locally U Mangra) starch, he also expressed that Manipur can lead in using the same and reduce impacts of plastic pollution as the plant is plentifully available in the State and also suits the soil for cultivation.