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Printed Date: Monday, June 17, 2024

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Cyclone Sitrang hits hard Chandel farmers


Source: Chronicle News Service

Kakching, October 30 2022: The Cyclone Sitrang-triggered storm that hit the state on the night of October 24 caused severe damage to standing crops in numerous villages under Chakpikarong sub-division of Chandel district.

The affected villagers have appealed to the government for extending necessary assistance to the farmers whose crops have been destroyed by the storm.

To assess the damage, a team of media persons accompanied by villagers on Sunday visited the farmlands affected by the storm.

Speaking to media persons, Thorcham village chief RL Moel informed that the storm severely destroyed the standing crops in the agricultural fields of Thorcham, Khubung Khullen, Phiran Machet, Y Khutha and Khubung Khunou villages under Chakpikarong sub-division.

Most of the paddy crops in the area have been badly damaged by the storm.

Not only the paddy crops but other crops such as maize, vegetables, etc., have been destroyed, he informed, while pointing out that the said five villages are also among places in the state that were affected by the recent Cyclone Sitrang.

While conveying that most of the villagers earn their livelihood through agricultural activities but are now looking at a bleak future due to the damages caused by the recent storm, the Thorcham village chief further appealed to the government for helping the villagers as much as possible.