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Printed Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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CAU organises Farmers' Field Day

Source: Chronicle News Service

Imphal, February 19 2022: Central Agricultural University (CAU), Imphal organised Farmers' Field Day on Saturday at its research farm in Andro with an aim to encourage farmers who are growing field mustard crop/'Hangam Yela' (Brassica campestris) as a double cropping to increase not only their income but also economy of the state.

As a part of the programme, a team led by CAU vice chancellor Dr Anupam Mishra inspected the experimental project of field mustard crop being grown for extraction of oil in farmlands spread over 578 hectares at Andro Poiroupat under All India Coordinated Research Project on Rapeseed-Mustard of NEH Component.

During the inspection, Dr Anupam also appreciated the farmers of the area for successfully growing field mustard crops.

Speaking in connection with the Farmers' Field Day, CAU College of Agriculture dean Prof Indira Sarangthem explained that four varieties of field mustard crops namely, TS38, NRCHB101, DRMR150-35 and NRCYS05-02 are being cultivated at Andro Poiroupat.

She expressed confidence that CAU will attain its objective, since the mustard seeds are suitable to soil of the area.

If the said crop is grown in the agriculture fields of the state which generally remain barren after harvesting paddy, it will not only improve the economy of the state but also increase the income of the farmers, Prof Indira further observed.