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Printed Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Orange plantation reaping fruit in Tengnoupal village

Source: Chronicle News Service


Thoubal, January 18 2022: As suitability of orange plantation in Konaitong Khul (village) of Tengnoupal district has been confirmed, the village and its surrounding areas could be transformed into another orange production region if government pays more attention and conducts further investigation.

Konaitong Khul is located around 15km from Heirok in Thoubal district and is already known for its large-scale banana and vegetable production.

Thirty four years old Konaitong Khul native Dangshwa Kantrima Daniel Maring planted around 200 orange saplings on trial basis some years back in a half 'Sangam' of land along the hill range near Konaitong Khul and he is now reaping the fruit of his hard work as orange plants are now fully grown.

In view of Daniel Maring's success in orange plantation, villagers have now high hope of success in plantation of the fruit bearing plants on large scale along the hill range of Konaitong Khul.

When some media persons inspected his orange farm and interacted, Daniel Maring said he started planting saplings of some fruit bearing plants in 2015 but did not know that the saplings were orange.

"Initially, I started planting around 100 grape saplings given by proprietor of a grape farm at Kakching named Robinson after seeing his grape farm but the grape plantation along the range of Konaitong Khul hill was unsuccessful," Daniel Maring recounted, while adding that he met horticulture officer (DO) named Brojen from Thangmeiband who was posted in Chandel district through a driver of the department hailing from his village and a staff of the department named Ibotombi from Khurai.

Around 700 saplings of some fruit bearing plants prepared at the DO's house were given to him but the saplings could not be planted on time due to district council election held in 2015 and the saplings remained at the courtyard of his house.

Later, around 200 saplings were planted along the range of Konaitong Khul hill on trial basis as the remaining saplings decayed.

As the saplings were planted without consulting experts, only around 120 saplings could grow and these saplings are now fully grown and started yielding fruits in 2018 .

Then he came to could know that the saplings he planted were oranges, Daniel Maring said, adding that suitability of orange plantation along Konaitong Khul hill range was known in 2020 when his orange plants started yielding fruits abundantly.

According to Daniel, he had sold around 500kg of oranges from his farm in 2021 and earned around Rs 40,000 .

He also said that he has no interest in doing government job now and has decided to take up fruits farm and accordingly plans to expand the present farm with multiple fruit plantations with suggestions and advice from experts in the field.