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Printed Date: Thursday, July 18, 2024

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MPCB set to install water quality monitoring stations

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, December 02 2021: Chairman of Manipur Pollution Control Board (MPCB) Laishram Radhakishore has stated that at least three water quality monitoring stations would be installed along the Nambul River shortly.

Addressing a National Pollution Control Day observation at Lamphelpat today, Radhakishore continued that MPCB is currently examining the turbidity level of rivers, streams, lakes, wells and other water bodies in 70 stations.

As a follow up action, three water quality monitoring stations would be installed along the Nambul River, he said and added that a research would be conducted by separating the river into three segments.

Continuing that preparation is also underway to install at least one station for nine waterbodies that fall into Loktak Lake, the MPCB chairman informed that altogether 14 ambient air quality monitoring stations have been opened in the State.

       MPCB set to install water quality monitoring stations

National Pollution Control Day is observed annually on December 2 to remember the people who lost lives during the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

At least 3,787 people were killed in the gas tragedy, he said and added this year's observance is held under the theme "Raising Awareness Around Pollution" .

Continuing that the majority of the world's population continue to be exposed to air and other forms of pollution, Radhakishore maintained that this rising pollution level is detrimental to all forms of life.

Reminding that all living beings cannot survive without nature, he said that frequent occurrence of natural disasters and changes in weather patterns are triggered by human activities.

He then appealed to all in saving the planet and inform the MPCB or District Environment Action Plan (DEAP) if they come across any sign of air, water and soil pollution.

He further appealed to all to dump garbage in proper places and refrain from burning plastics and materials that may contribute to environment pollution.

Informing that single use plastic is completely banned in Manipur, he added that there, however, is delay in enforcing the restriction due to COVID-19 .

Pile the plastic wastes at a suitable place for MPCB to pick up and recycle it, Radhakishore continued.

MPCB member secretary T Mangi and Scientist Kh Tomba also attended the programme.