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Printed Date: Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Hillock made off-limit to conserve indigenous canine

Source: Chronicle News Service / R Lester Makang

Imphal, November 23 2021: The village authority of Teinem has declared a hillock located nearby the village as a reserved area for preserving and promoting an indigenous breed of dog known as Safa (hunting dog) in Tangkhul.

In a declaration, village chairman Yangsing Raleng stated that a 4-ridge hillock located at Teinem village under LM block in Ukhrul district has been reserved for the purpose.

Oimps Safa Conservation and Research Centre (OSCRC) in collaboration with the Tangkhul Safa Indigenous Canine Federation (TSICF) is taking up an initiative aimed at preserving the indigenous canine so as to ensure continuity of the particular breed, he said.

The conservation site is situated around 17 km west of Ukhrul district headquarters.

According to Raleng, the site is christened as 'Forbidden Land' and is dedicated to conservation and research of the indigenous breed.

The restriction have been declared in order to trace and maintain the pure bloodline of the Safa breed from among the plethora of mixed and cross-breeds that could affect the pure breed and the existing environment, he informed adding unauthorised entry of any persons and pets is strictly prohibited.

Raleng further informed that the data collected during the ensuing research would be kept confidential until the population count of the breeds is complete.

The companionship of man and Safa is deeply embedded in Tangkhul culture and which is why it is very important to preserve Safa to keep alive our tradition, Raleng added.