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Printed Date: Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Jiri River polluted by powerful insecticides Destroy breeding ground of fauna and its habitation

 Source: IT News

Jiribam, January 28 2021: Practice to catch fishes by poisoning with insecticides becomes a common affair nowadays in Jiri river.

It has been found that certain fishers have been indulging in a very detrimental and hazardous fishing method in Jiri River which contaminated the river water and also destroy the breeding ground of fauna and its habitations.

Speaking with media person, Huirem Rajen Singh, Honorary wildlife warden and environmental activist said using insecticides for fishing at river adversely affect river life and it also endangers many rare species among which Labeo Pangusia (locally known as Gura nga) is one of them.

Jiri River polluted by powerful insecticides

Jiri River polluted by powerful insecticides

He added, Jiribam PHED pumped water from Jiri River and supplies it for drinking to the general public in Municipality areas of Jiribam District.

However, consumption of such polluted water might cause slow poisoning and it will be hazardous to the health and life of people in the district.

H Rajen Singh also said he had reported several times about the endangered rare species of fauna "Labeo Pangusia" (Gura nga) in Jiri River due to use of insecticides but it remains unheard by concern authority till day.

He also sought the attention of concerned authorities to act urgently to ban continued use of chemicals in rivers to protect wildlife, fishes and drinking water.

He also opined about the need of awareness to the populace to save the Jiri River from high contamination.

Unless it might damage the ecosystem and cause serious health hazards in the life of Jiribam in future.