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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Organic farmer inspires fellow farmers in Churachandpur

 Source: Imphal Free Press

Organic farmer inspires fellow farmers in Churachandpur

Organic farmer inspires fellow farmers in Churachandpur

IMPHAL | Apr 25

After the completion of the last harvesting season, a farmer from Churachandpur district, Sagang Area started organic farming at Sangom Sumbi Chingkhong Loukol and inspired 18 more farmers to do the same. They are all set to start organic farming from the coming monsoon season besides their rice cultivation. Hmangte Achung Kom has been successful in starting organic farming on his first attempt. He started selling organic Tomatoes in the market and to local collectors as well. He has successfully planted various vegetables like Cucumber, Pumpkin, Tomato, Bottle Ground, Beans, Umorok and Watermelon for the summer season. Talking to IFP, Hmangte Achung Kom stated that he started thinking of shifting to organic farming after he himself faced the effects of using fertilisers on vegetables. He decided to put work on his paddy field for organic farming. He said rice cultivation is limited as it can only produce rice for few seasons. Organic farming can be done throughout the year with different plants and vegetables, he said. Farmers wait for season to season for rice cultivation and the paddies remain even after harvesting, he stated. He also expressed his desire to educate farmers that paddy fields can be used on other products without waiting season to season for cultivation. He has only one acre of land for organic farming and wants to extend more. He stated that using fertilisers on plants makes the vegetables look beautiful and attractive. “However, those perfect looking vegetables destroy our body. People should also concentrate on the food they are having,” he added.  He does not have extra knowledge about organic farming but tried using manure on his own. The manure he used is made by mixing cow dung, cow urine and wasted vegetables items. Speaking on his experience, he stated that he faced difficulties initially in planting different vegetables such as the distance to be kept between each sapling according to different vegetable plants.  He had planted tomatoes which do not need much water and have sold eight mon (one mon equals 40 kgs) of tomato so far. He said the people who know the value of organic farming come to his farm and collect tomatoes. He has sold his tomatoes on the rate of Rs. 30 per Kg. He used to go at the market in order to sell his vegetables, but now local collectors come and take them from his place. One problem he has faced is that no one could make out that his tomatoes are organic, so he has to sell them on market price, he said.  However, he is satisfied to sell them on any rate instead of making his buyers consume fertilised tomatoes. He is happy that at least he is able to produce organic food. He expressed that he does not want to leave organic farm, and keeps busy concentrating on taking care of his plants. His farm has become an inspiration to his neighbouring farmers who are motivated to follow his example.