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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Hailstorm and cloudburst ravage several houses at Mata Village

 Hailstorm and cloudburst ravage several houses at Mata Village

Source: Imphal Free Press


Hailstorm and storm winds ravaged several houses at Mata Village of Churachandpur district and adjoining areas in the early part of this morning rendering more than 10 houses uninhabitable as the houses were blown off by the strong winds.

The strong winds also caused partial damages to more than 40 houses in the village and two persons had to be hospitalised too. While one of the injured individuals who were admitted to Churachandpur District Hospital sustained an arm injury, an old woman who was hit near her ears had to get a CT scan and the results are still awaited at the time this report was filed.

Most of the houses damaged in the storm were not concrete ones and notably the houses had their roofs blown off. In response to the situation, the MLA concerned and MDC had provided emergency tin roofing through the Village Authority (VA) of Mata village. But the worst case happened to a cemented building of PHED occupied by its caretaker with the building sustaining severe damages and two out of the six occupants being admitted to the surgical department of Churachandpur District Hospital for severe injuries.

The caretaker of the PHED installation, Jangsiam Guite stated that a strong wing accompaniment by hailstorm briefly blew around 2:00 to 3:00 am of last night blew away his bed room wall and the kitchen while alleging that it clearly indicates the usage of poor construction materials being used with a portion of the wall falling on between one of their beds that could have been fatal.

Besides the promises of all emergency and possible help from the MLA concerned, a team from the Home department of ZRO led by its secretary, Holkhomang Mate rushed to Mata Village and promised all help as per need. Meanwhile in Lamka area of the town, a big tree growing near Churachandpur- PS felled leading to a long traffic jam.