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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Landslide kills 9 in Tamenglong district; Mother and son found covered by mud

 Source: IT News

Imphal, July 11 2018: The fury of the Mother Nature today shocked the people of this stated after landslide occurred at three different places in Tamenglong district killed 9 people mostly children.

Report reaching here said that the massive landslides which swept three houses at three different places at early hour today.

According to DihCham News Service 5 children of the same parents killed in New Salem, Tamenglong ward no.4, another two children of the same parents were also carried away by muddy water while the family was in a deep sleep.

Landslide kills 9 in Tamenglong district

Landslide kills 9 in Tamenglong district

A mother and son were also found covered by the mud when their house in Neigailuang, Tamenglong ward no.2 was swept away by the slide.

Ravinder Singh, Deputy Commissioner Tamenglong said that the district police and the district administration rushed in the area and conducted rescue operations at the disaster site.

Two bodies in Ramgailong, Tamenglong ward number could not be found at the time of filling this story.