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| Last Updated:01/04/2024

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Champu Khangpok commits to conserve Loktak Lake

 Source: Chronicle News Service

Imphal, February 02 2024: In a collaborative and festive spirit marking World Wetlands Day, Loktak Development Authority (LDA) observed the day with the fishing community of Champu Khangpok floating village, situated on the serene Loktak Lake on Friday making a collective commitment towards preserving Loktak Lake.

LDA chairman M Asnikumar also joined the observance accompanied by dignitaries including LDA special engineer Ng Sanajaoba Meetei, SDO Moirang Ch Simatendro, MOBC deputy director Linda Ningombam, and bamboo expert Kamesh Salam, among others.

Later in the day, Asniku-mar and other guests distributed solar lamps, water filters; ,a generator set, and a fibre canoe, funded by MoBC department to the villagers to improve the living conditions of the community while fostering sustainable practices.

Asnikumar highlighted the historical significance of Champu Khangpok in preserving traditions linked to Loktak Lake.

"Recognising the cultural and ecological importance of this floating village, collective efforts are crucial for ensuring a sustainable future of Loktak," he said.

Emphasising the need for a comprehensive long-term plan, he underscored the importance of the Integrated Management Plan (IMP) as a step in the right direction.

"The IMP addresses multifaceted challenges, enhancing the ecological health of the lake," he stated.

The chairman further emphasised the vital role of community engagement in policy formulation and implementation.

"The fishing community of Champu Khangpok has been a stalwart partner in LDA's endeavours to conserve and protect Loktak Lake," he remarked.

Asnikumar also pledged support for the construction of a special floating school for Champu Khangpok, funded by the Government of India through the state education department.

Plans also include the installation of bio-digester toilets for each huts of Champu Khangpok, contributing to improved sanitation facilities.

He urged the fishing community to cease illegal practices such as fishing and hunting of w'ater birds in Loktak Lake, especially with use of electric current and lights, and added that this call for responsible practices aligns with ongoing efforts to protect the diverse ecosystem of the lake.