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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Lions Club of Imphal launches e-waste collection drive

 Source: Chronicle News Service

Imphal, October 22 2023: Lions Club of Imphal District 322D has embarked on a mission to address the growing concern of electronic waste (Ewaste) and organised an e-waste collection cum awareness programme under the theme 'Dump or Donate' at Lions Service Centre, Sangaiprou with the objective of mitigating the impending environmental and human health hazards that could arise from unchecked proliferation of electronic devices.

The programme was jointly organised by Lions Club of Imphal, Lions Club of Nambol and Centre for Research on Environmental Development (CRED).

Lions Club District 322D governor Dr W Gopimohan attended the occasion as chief guest.

Speaking at the event, CRED secretary T Leikhendra emphasised the need for scientific disposal of electronic waste in today's world.

E-waste collected from the state would undergo a meticulously planned process.

Initially, it would be sent to a reputable firm based in Guwahati for preliminary treatment.

After this, the e-waste would then be transported to Bangalore, where it would undergo a final and scientific disposal method, ensuring responsible management of this hazardous waste, he said.

Dr P Sanajaoba of Lions Club of Nambol underscored the importance of continuing similar projects in the future.

He stressed the need to systematically collect e-waste generated from households and offices to ensure its scientific disposal.

Addressing the gathering, Dr W Gopimohan shed light on the Lions the e-waste campaign's inception at the beginning of the current year.

He credited AP Singh, the present Lions International vice-president-2, for initiating what has now evolved into the world's biggest e-waste collection drive.

He reiterated the alarming statistics, emphasising that India's e-waste is projected to surge from 4 million tonnes in 2020 to an overwhelming 141 million tonnes by 2050.He underscored the potential catastrophic consequences on the environment and human health if these electronic waste products are not handled with utmost care.

The campaign led by the Lions Clubs represents a transformative choice for achieving sustainable recycling of electronic devices, he added.

As a part of this programme, an e-waste awareness pamphlet was officially launched, aiming to educate and inform the public about proper e-waste handling and recycling practices, further strengthening the cause.

The club collected approximately 250 kilograms of e-waste during the campaign, which was then handed over to CRED