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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Weekly river rejuvenation campaign continues

 Source: Chronicle News Service

Imphal, October 22 2023: Continuing its weekly river rejuvenation campaign, Eco-Network, Heirok cleaned up Heirok-Wangjing river on Saturday.

In a release, Eco-Network, Heirok president Shinthangamba Laishram conveyed that river banks have become garbage dumping ground which led to not only polluting the rivers but also causing many diseases particularly one that affect the skin.

Heirok-Wangjing river is today in a situation where it may even dry up as its sources in the hills have been highly impacted by large scale deforestation for cultivating poppy as well as by sand mining, it noted.

Mentioning that cleaning the river is a very hard process as the garbage have piled up for the last many years and some areas even required use of excavators, Ecd-Network, Heirok appealed to the department concerned to raise awareness amongst the public about the need for proper waste management.

The release also urged the department concerned to extend support to the organisation as its volunteers are using their own money in the river cleaning process and are also facing the issue of waste disposal and recycling of the garbage collected from the river.

It further announced that the weekly cleaning campaign held on every Sunday will now be done on Saturday, while on Sunday it will take up cleanliness drive in various localities.