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| Last Updated:01/04/2024

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Loktak Project, urges LDA Chairman

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 03 2023: In a letter addressed to Rajiv Kumar Vishnoi, Chairman and Managing Director, NHPC Ltd, Loktak Development Authority (LDA) Chairman M Asnikumar Singh has requested for a review and remedial measures for Loktak Hydel Project.

The LDA Chairman pointed out that Loktak Hydel Project which is managed by NHPC Ltd has exceeded its intended lifespan and since then people have raised concerns about its adverse environmental impact on the ecosystem and livelihoods of thousands of individuals in Manipur valley.

Adding that as the NHPC Ltd is considering a review of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the modernization of Loktak Hydel Project, he urged the NHPC Chairman to take into account the altered hydrological patterns of the past 39 years and their long-term impact on water availability for power generation and other purposes.

Additionally, M Asnikumar said that the revised DPR should address the deteriorating ecology of Loktak Lake and its catchment area and propose suitable remedial measures along with the necessary financial provisions.

As such, he urged Rajiv Kumar Vishnoi to carefully consider and implement the measures mentioned above to ensure sustainability of Loktak Lake, the hydro power project and addressing social issues in public interest.