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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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17 acres of poppy plantations destroyed in Ccpur district

 Source: Chronicle News Service / Kaimuanthang Mangte

Churachandpur, January 02 2023: Supporting the state government's War on Drugs mission, Teiseng Area Village Chiefs, Churachandpur district in association with civil society and church leaders along with poppy cultivators conducted a drive and destroyed 17 acres of poppy farms along Teising hill ranges on December 30 and 31, 2022 .

It may be mentioned here that earlier as part of the 'War on Drugs' campaign, some village chiefs from Churachandpur district were arrested for their alleged involvement in poppy cultivation in December last year.

"In order to support and join the state government's on-going 'War on Drugs' campaign, we have come out to destroy the poppy cultivation, " one of the villagers, who was part of the team, said.

The villager added, "We were cultivating poppy to earn a living.

However, after repeated requests made by the village chief and civil bodies, we have come to destroy our own cultivation.

We re now left with no alternative means of livelihood.

We welcome and urge authorities concerned to take up an amicable solution, an alternative means of sustainable livelihood for the poor farmers" .

The villager also appealed to the state government and higher authorities to provide alternative crops for plantation in the farms of poppy planters, as most of the people who practise poppy plantation are poor.

He then commended the CM's noble initiative of War on Drugs in the state.

During the drive, the villagers also took a pledge against planting poppy in future again.

Meanwhile, Teiseng Village Authority (TVA) has issued a statement mentioning that the Village Authority had taken a resolution on December 28, 2022 to the effect that poppy plantation on the Teiseng hill ranges would be destroyed taking into account of the menace it poses to the land and the society at large.

TVA also made it clear to the villagers that cultivation of poppy in the area is prohibited and anyone found indulging in the illegal cultivation will be solely responsibility for any consequences, and not the Village Authority.