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| Last Updated:01/04/2024

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Cleanliness drive conducted


Source: The Sangai Express

Bishnupur, March 31 2022: In preparation of the upcoming "Sajibu Nongma Panba Cheiraoba" celebration which falls on April 2, the surrounding areas of Lainingthou Lam Ahingba Keinou in Bishnupur district received a thorough cleaning and necessary upkeep on Wednesday.

The cleaning and maintenance efforts were carried out by Lainingthou Lam Ahingba Keinou Thougal Lup members.

Speaking to media persons, members of the Thougal Lup expressed hope for the various ethnic communities of the state to do away with their religious differences and pray for the welfare of Manipur.

They also advised the people to avoid red coloured offerings including flowers, incense sticks and other cooked eatables among others, while visiting Lainingthou Lam Ahingba Keinou.

In case of confusion in this regard, they urged the people to consult the Thougal Lup members.

It may be mentioned that like the last 30 years, Sajibu Nongma Panba Cheiraoba will be celebrated at Lainingthou Lam Ahingba Keinou with the offering of prayers and other oblations.