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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Plight of pony worries Ranjan

Source: The Sangai Express


Imphal, February 17 2022: Union Minister of State for Education and External Affairs Dr RK Ranjan has flagged concern over the dwindling population of ponies in Manipur which is the birthplace of Sagol Kangjei (Horse Polo) .

Addressing the 111th birth anniversary of Maharajkumar Priyabrata Singh at Thangapat Mapal, Palace Compound today, the Union Minister continued that Sagol Kangjei which was widely played across the erstwhile kingdom was transformed as the popular Horse Polo which is known today throughout the world after the arrival of British.

Disappointingly, the population of ponies is dropping at an alarming rate with less than 500 ponies alive today, RK Ranjan said and opined that the population of this horse variety will grow in Manipur through the promotion of Sagol Kangjei.

Saying that he was awestruck on learning how Mongolia conserves its ponies during his recent visit to the country, the Union Minister continued that his counterpart in Mongolia has also agreed to donate some of their ponies for breeding during an informal talk.

"Ponies were also widely used by our forefathers to protect the land of Manipur," he said and added that incorporating a lesson on horse riding will also do good in promoting ponies.

Saying that Maharajkumar Priyabrata Singh was the first Chief Minister of Manipur who was pivotal in drafting the Constitution of Manipur before merging with India, RK Ranjan maintained that Priyabrata Singh was also passionate about Sagol Kangjei and wrote about the traditional game of Manipur and Araambai in certain journal.

He (Maharajkumar Priyabrata Singh) also strongly advocated for hill-valley unity throughout his life, the Union Minister said.

During the observance organised by Manipur Cultural Integration Conference ( MCIC), the gathering offered floral tributes to the photo of Maharajkumar Priyabrata Singh.