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| Last Updated:24/07/2024

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Impurities found in packaged drinking water

Source: Chronicle News Service


Imphal, February 07 2022: Loktak Industries has been found using the old license to distribute its packaged drinking water, "Silver Dew", which was prepared under unhygienic conditions.

As such, necessary action will be taken up against the company at the earliest, said Additional Food Safety Commissioner K Rajo.

Addressing a press meet at the office of Medical Directorate on Monday, Rajo conveyed that the 1 litre packaged drinking water of Silver Dew was found greenish in colour.

In addition to this, the product was found using an old license, while there was no date of packaging or other labels.

As the manufacturer was found violating various rules and regulations, appropriate action will be taken up, he said.

Urging people to check whether the mineral water bottles are carrying proper labels including FSSAI tag, K Rajo further urged consumers not to consume packaged drinking water that is not properly labelled or is coloured.

Consumption of contaminated water could lead to various diseases.

Manufacturers should also take care and distribute only safe drinking water to the people, he added.

Speaking in this regard, Designated Officer Food Safety Administration, Imphal WesfT Brojendro Khaba Meitei informed that "Silver Dew" is produced by M/S Loktak Industries, located at Takyel Industrial Estate.

The manufacturer was given the new license on October 20 last year, but was found using the old license number on the water bottles seized from a shop at Kwakeithel Thiyam Leikai, some of which were manufactured on December 13 and November 21 last year.

On top of these, the bottles did not have the labels of manufacturing date and batch number.

The water also had some greenish residues at the bottom of the bottles.

Thus, food safety officers have been directed to check if similar issues had been found in other places, he conveyed.