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| Last Updated:24/07/2024

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ENFOGAL holds 'No To Litter' campaign in Ukhrul

Source: Chronicle News Service / R Lester Makang


Ukhrul, January 15 2022: Continuing its mission for cleaner environment, a local NGO - Environmental Force at Grassroots Level (ENFOGAL) on Saturday organised a follow-up on its 'No To Litter' campaign in Ukhrul town.

Speaking during the campaign, ENFOGAL president Yoyung Shaiza highlighted the aims and objectives of the campaign.

He informed that the campaign was started in the town back in 2017 with an aim to make the environment of Ukhrul town cleaner and healthier by addressing the lingering solid waste crisis.

He continued that through this campaign they aim to inculcate behavioural change amongst the public, especially the youth in the management of solid waste in the township.

"To address the implications of the waste crisis in the town, we all need to practice the basic concepts of solid waste management (SWM)", he said.

Making a clarion call for the community to strive towards a cleaner and sustainable environment of the town, Shaiza also stressed on the need for empowering the youth on concept of clean and healthy environment.

ADC Small Town Committee (STC) sanitary inspector Soreikhan Ronra Shimray said that the town needs a sustainable and functional waste management system.

He also encouraged the public extend their support and participate in the campaign.

As part of the campaign, young participants carried out cleaning activities and picked up roadside litter in different parts of the main town areas.

35th Assam Rifles PRO Sunder Singh also took part in the campaign.