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| Last Updated:01/04/2024

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Ukhrul experiences unseasonal rain, hailstorm

Source: Chronicle News Service / R Lester Makang


Ukhrul, January 16 2022: Over the past few days, most parts of Ukhrul district have been experiencing chilly weather as unseasonal rains continued intermittently.

On Sunday, the weather largely remained sunny in Ukhrul town during the day.

However, around 5 pm, the sky turned cloudy and soon gave way to a brief spell of shower accompanied by tiny hails.

In Somdal village, heavy rains and thunderstorms brought unprecedented volume of hails that lashed the district's western village around 4:30 pm.

According to villagers, they have never seen such an immense hailstorm in their village in recent years.

The rare sight of hailstorm left the villagers startled as the hail covered their ground and rooftops for almost an hour.

The villagers also reached for their smartphones and captured photographs and videos of the unprecedented phenomenon.

A video circulated by the villagers showed the hailstorm lashing the village in full throttle.

Photographs of similar scenes were also shared by the villagers.

However, no damages were reported, though it was not immediately known whether the hailstorm caused destruction to standing crops in the farms.