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| Last Updated:01/04/2024

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PM urged to trash Loktak power project, upgrade INA

Source: Chronicle News Service


Imphal, January 05 2022: In separate memorandums submitted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi through the Governor of Manipur, Manipuri Tourism Foundation and Historical Heritage Development Organisation respectively demanded decommissioning of Loktak Hydro Electric Project and upgrade of the INA war museum into a national war museum.

In its memorandum, Manipur Tourism Foundation secretary K Mohonchandra pointed out that commissioning of the Loktak Hydro Electric Project has led to shallowness of the largest fresh water lake in the northeast due to stagnation of loose soils and decaying floating biomass (Phumdis) on the lake bed.

Consequent to commissioning of the project innumerable flora and fauna have been disappearing four nearly four decades while over 37,000 hectares of paddy fields and thousands of fish farms have submerged.

Citing continuous degeneration of the lake's ecology, the memorandum appealed for timely action by decommissioning the Loktak Hydro Electric Project to save the endangered Loktak Lake.

In another memorandum, Historical Heritage Development Organisation appealed for upgrade of INA war museum, Moirang to a national war museum along with initiating development of Moirang Kangla Museum.