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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Loktak District Demand Committee writes to CM

Source: The Sangai Express


Imphal, January 09 2022: Loktak District Demand Committee has submitted a reminder to their memorandum which was previously submitted to the Chief Minister on October 26, 2018 demanding for the upgradation of Moirang sub-division into a full-fledged revenue district with its headquarters at Moirang.

As per their statement, the reminder which was submitted to the CM on December 31, 2021 reiterated the merits of their demand by listing 4 key points.

The statement informed that Moirang sub-division consists of three ACs while some of the districts reorganized or created in 2016 only have one AC.

Moirang is a treasure trove of Manipuri literature with its 59 kings and their combined 2000 years of reign.

Mention must be made of the famed Khamba and Thoibi epic in this regard, the statement continued.

Further, as per the statement, moirang was the cultural capital of Manipur in the ancient past in the fields of art, folk, history, myth, literature etc.

Moirang has also become an international tourist destination due to the location of INA Martyr's Complex, exotic beauty of Loktak Lake, Keibul Lamjao National Park, picturesque Karang island, Sendra tourist home, Napaching hillock, INA HQ, Leikoipung among others, the statement added.