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| Last Updated:24/07/2024

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MU students stage protest to save aged trees

Source: Chronicle News Service


Imphal, January 11 2022: Demanding the government not to allow felling down of naturally grown trees in the name of development including expansion of national highways, students of Manipur University staged a protest demonstration on Tuesday evening.

The protest was staged as there is high possibility of cutting down several aged trees including peepal (Sana Khongnang) grown on the roadside between Canchipur MU gate and Lilong bridge as a component of expansion of the Imphal-Moreh road.

A research scholar of the varsity told media persons on the sidelines of the protest that students do not oppose development projects but oppose felling down of trees which regulate the natural environment.

Accordingly, MU students are apprehensive of felling down of trees grown on the roadside between MU gate to Ljlong, he said and appealed to government to look for an alternative which could protect the aged trees while taking up road expansion work.

The student also warned of launching intense forms of agitation in coordination with civil society organisations if the government fails to take steps to save the aged trees grown naturally on roadsides.