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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Fire destroys water storage factory

 Source: Chronicle News Service

Senapati, December 15 2021: A devastating fire that broke out at Barak Enterprises (Water Storage Factory) in Asufii, Kathikho Karong under Senapati police station in Senapati district destroyed properties worth Rs 29 lakh including some lakhs of hard cash.

The fire reportedly started at about 2 am on Wednesday though the exact cause of the fire is not known till the time of filing this report.

The site is situated around 5 km from Senapati police station and owner/proprietor of the factory has been identified as Koveo Joram, who is also managing director of the factory.

The fire also partially damaged a vehicle (Gypsy) and one car parked at the complex of the factory.

Caretaker of the factory namely Veipu Asoumai and his family reportedly reside in the house which was completely destroyed but there is no report of human casualty.

Local residents and ex-chairman of Khabung Karong village Aveo said that Fire Sub-Station, Senapati did not pick up phone calls when they tried to report about the fire incident.

Even when they arrived at the spot, there was not enough water to douse the fire that shows negligence of the district fire department, Aveo lamented.

Mention may be made here that OC of Fire Sub-Station at Senapati was suspended for negligence of duties in recent past.