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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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DFO Senapati inaugurates LYSU Ecological Park at Liyai

 Source: The Sangai Express
Senapati, December 20 2021: The Ecological Park of Liyai Youth & Students Union (LYSU) was inaugurated on Monday by D John Sha, MFS, DFO, Senapati Forest Division at Liyai village, Senapati district.

Speaking on occasion, D John Sha lauded the Liyai village for their effort in conserving forest and called the village a blessed land.

He mentioned that construction of the park would create awareness on how people of the village have been preserving the ecology.

The DFO stressed on the importance of conserving forest and stated that the need for food and other essential items have increased with the increase in population of the state.

Pointing out that the Department has been planting trees along the Barak river source, he encouraged the people to preserve the river source for an endless supply of water.

   DFO Senapati inaugurates LYSU Ecological Park at Liyai

The DFO then elaborated on the importance of water and stated that lectures on the importance of water and preservation of ecology should be given in religious institutions including Churches.

Drawing the need to preserve wildlife, the DFO mentioned that the Supreme Court has directed DC, SP and DFO to book anyone involved in poaching wildlife under Wildlife Protection Act or National Security Act.

D John Sha further appealed to the people to spread awareness on preservation and conservation of Forest.

LYSU also appreciated Th Shyamkumar, Former Forest Minister for his support towards the construction of the park.

The inaugural programme was blessed by Rev H Dahrii, Pastor, Liyai Baptist Church, PNBA.

It may be mentioned that the park was reportedly dedicated to the guardians of Barak River Source for posterity.