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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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'See The Place Meet The People' conducted at Tuisenphai Village

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, November 30 2021: Manipur Peace & Integrity (MAPI) Council has organised "See The Place And Meet The People" event today at Tuisenphai Community Hall, Tuisenphai Village in Kangpokpi district.

As per a press release issued by MAPI Council today, the function was attended by SH Nisosel, village Headman; KC Romeo, president MAPI Council; Momsokom Bapui, president IMSCOM; SH Obei, secretary Village Youth and Nunpi of Women Society as presidium members.

In the statement, MAPI Council urged for the State's intervention in solving the problems riddling the community on behalf of the residents of Tuisenphai Village.

See The Place Meet The People' conducted at Tuisenphai Village

MAPI Council stated that the stretch of road of about 2 km leading to the village from Takhel is in a deplorable state, and made an appeal to the concerned authorities to repair it at the earliest.

Further, the statement added that the village has just one LP school that provides education only upto class II and as such the Council has urged for this school to be upgraded.

Due to inadequate rainfall, the villagers who are mostly farmers have also suffered greatly as around 90% of them have lost their harvest, the statement continued.

In this regard, the Council appealed to the State to take up some relief measures to alleviate the suffering of the residents.

The statement also demanded for a water scheme that might solve the problem of water scarcity in Tuisenphai village.

MAPI Council has urged the Government to look into the aforementioned matters and create a progressive society of equal opportunities where the differences between the hills and plains are non-existent.