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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Anti-poaching campaign conducted

Source: The Sangai Express


Bishnupur, December 07 2021: An Anti-poaching Campaign Cum Awareness programme was held today at Thanga Higher Secondary School with the aim of protecting birds and animals and preserving the ecological balance in nature.

The awareness campaign was organised by Bishnupur Forest Division in collaboration with Thanga Higher Secondary School, United Club Thanga and Young Kwakta Organisation.

As a part of today's event, a campaign was flagged off from Range Forest Office, Moirang passing through the settlements at Kwakta, Saiton, Kumbi, Kairenphabi and Keibul and reached its destination at Thanga Higher Secondary School, Thanga Oinam.

The programme was attended by Sukham Ratankumar, Range Forest Officer, Bishnupur Range; RK Birjit Singh, principal, Mangolnganbi College, honorary wildlife warden Bishnupur district, State coordinator IBCN; Oinam Maipakchao, National awardee, President United Clubs of Thanga (UCT) and Kh Sanayaima, principal, Thanga Higher Secondary School.

Sukham Ratankumar addressed the gathering and remarked that everything in nature maintains its balance until the balance is disrupted by the actions of humans.

As such, he urged people to be more mindful of their actions and appealed for the protection of birds and animals.