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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Body mulls stir over Kwakta water supply

Source: Chronicle News Service


Bishnupur, November 10 2021: All Kwakta Co-ordinating Committee general secretary Anish Ahamad has said that it will launch democratic agitations if the Moirang MLA P Sharatchandra and PHED Bishnupur EE do not implement the agreement that was reached between them in December 8, 2020 of providing water supply in areas under Kwakta Municipal Council and Gram Panchayat by January and reviving two failed water supply schemes of the area.

Addressing a press meet held at Kwakta on Tuesday, Anish Ahamad stated that authorities have remained silent on the agreement of providing water supply from Masemlok river for Kwakta as well as to revive Kwakta Charangpat arid Kwakta Sand-hong water supply schemes along with new NDB project by January.

Such inaction even after an agreement is an attempt to fool the Committee and people of Kwakta.

If the assurances given in the agreement are not implemented by November 15, then from the very next day of November 16, they will resort to organising protests.

And even after that if the Moirang MLA continues to remain mute on the issue, then he will face boycott in Kwakta, he warned.

The press conference was also attended by Co-ordinating Committee executive member Md M Ibo-them, M Rahamad Ali, Kh Aktar Shah and others.