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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Drive to protect migratory birds begins

Source: Chronicle News Service


Thoubal, November 04 2021: Under the supervision of Range Forest Officer, Thoubal ROS Samungou, forest department staffers led by deputy ranger Md Aslam has begun drive to seize bird nets and traps laid for catching migratory birds at Kharung and Ikop pat from Thursday.

Md Aslam said that arrival of birds during the winter season in the state is a part of journey of the migratory birds.

While reminding that poaching and killing of the migratory birds will disturb the ecosystem and create ecological imbalance, the deputy ranger said that such drive will continue in other parts of Thoubal, wetlands in particular.

Those involved in catching migratory birds and as well as the farm owners who allow laying of such traps could be jailed for three years or fined a sum of Rs 25,000 or both, Aslam cautioned while urging not to trap or kill birds.