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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Potentials of Dziiduri as adventure tourism centre discussed

Source: Chronicle News Service


Senapati, November 07 2021: A one-day conference on eco-adventure tourism for sustainable rural livelihood was held at Paomata Centre, DRDA Hall on Saturday with L PHE minister L Dikho as special guest and Senapati divisional forest officer D John Sha as the resource person.

The event was organised by Hills Eco- Adventure Tourism - Manipur (HEAT-M) in collaboration with Khumai (Tunggam) Youth & Students' Organisation (KYSO) under the aegis of Khumai (Tunggam) Union.

In his keynote address, president Traole Rai stated that HEAT-M organised the event to examine the unexplored hills of Manipur through different eco-adventure activities and events.

HEAT-M aims to promote, protect and preserve the God gifted natural tourism avenues in the region.

Northeast India is one of the most beautiful and dream holiday destinations for many, so are the hills of Manipur, he added.

The Khumai (Tunggam) Dziiduri is said to be one of the centres of tourist attraction of the region.

It is situated in Khumai (Tunggam) village under Paomata block of Senapati district and is about 51km away from the district headquarters and 111 km away the state capital.

The Khumai Dziiduri is famous for its natural formation of two long stretches of rocky cliff layers.

It is believed in olden days that the omen of marriage life could be predicted with historical practice of throwing shawl into the air standing at the edge of the cliff.

Unmarried women from neighbouring villages were said to have often visited the place for the same.

A beautiful lake was constructed on the top of the mountain that makes Dziiduri enchantingly beautiful.

This picturesque Dziiduri is an excellent venue for picnic, hiking, trekking, camping, rock-climbing and zip-lining.

It is also suitable for air and water based sports like paragliding, parasailing and boating.

It is an all-year-round tourist destination with different tastes for each season.

The president of HEAT-M invited all to come and have the most of everything, watch beautiful places, breathe fresh air, enjoy eco friendly environment and have fun with what Mother Nature has provided.

Speaking on the occasion, minister L Dikho conveyed that he has been trying his best to bring all kinds of changes and development in the region and also noted the efforts of other popular leaders who had done lots for the betterment of all in their own capacities.

Unless people realise the need to change, it is practically difficult to implement development projects, he said, while urging all to spread the awareness about the importance of preserving the nature.

L Dikho also informed the gathering of his plans to promote wild fruits found in the region which are available all year round and could generate more income if preserved and planted on a wider scale.

He also urged the youth to play important role in promoting tourism which could benefit not only the village but also the whole nation.

The minister also mentioned about the possibility of turning the site into a centre where helicopters could land and fetch water to douse fire in the event of any fire incidents like the Dziiko wildfire that broke out last year.

Resource person D John Sha explained the meaning of tourism saying it is one of the largest and fastest growing businesses in the world today.

The resource person stated that there is changing concept among people to see the natural habitats instead of going to big markets and cities.

He suggested the local youth to maintain their (nature) originality to attract tourists.

Many businesses have failed in the district for not maintaining originality as tourists from other places long to see and experience uniqueness of a region.

When people of the region have been blessed with different specialities, they do not know how to promote them, he lamented.

When many people could earn a lot in the field of tourism, why not the tribal people, the DFO challenged the gathering.

To promote a place in tourism, the resource person suggested different forms of professions for income generation like tour guides, taxi services, hotels/restaurants, lodging, promotion of local products, photography, etc.

The later part of the programme included a site visit to Dziiduri and plantation of saplings at the site.