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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Pherzawl oranges to be sold at MOMA outlet

Source: Chronicle News Service


Imphal, November 03 2021: Manipur Organic Mission Agency (MOMA) is taking up initiatives to sell organic oranges produced by organic farmers of Pherzawl in relation with Ningol Chakkouba and Diwali festival at its outlet near Sanjenthong, Imphal.

Announcing this during a press meet on Wednesday, project director K Devdutta Sharma said that MOMA has always been providing necessary assistance to the Farmers' Producers' Companies of the 16 districts of the state registered under Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region.

The agency has been providing assistance in marketing, value addition and processing of the organic products produced by these companies.

In continuation of this assistance, MOMA will sell organic oranges produced by Shinlung Organic Farmers' Producer Company, Pherzawl district at its organic outlet on Thursday and Friday in relation with the Ningol Chakkouba and Diwali festival.

Apart from orange, MOMA is preparing to sell other organic products from Pherzawl district as well, he said, while urging the public to buy the organic products from Pherzawl to support the organic farmers and also to consume fresh and healthy foods.

Shinlung Organic Farmers' Producer Company chairman Lalringum said that organic oranges are being cultivated in around 100 hectares of land in the border area of Pherzawl and Mizoram.

These oranges are tasty and they have harvested 1000 kg of oranges for the first phase.

Eight to 13 oranges weigh one kg and it will be sold at Rs 100 per kg.

They are planning to sell more oranges as they are confident of harvesting over 10,000 kg of oranges this season, he said.