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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Resolution adopted for setting up eco-park

Source: Chronicle News Service

Imphal, October 27 2021: A meeting of the Registrar Body, clubs and associations of Moirang GP was conducted at Moirang Khunou Makha Leikai Mandap on Tuesday.

During the meeting, a resolution was adopted to donate .45 area of land for the Eco-Tourism Park proposed to be constructed in Thanga AC by the state Tourism Department, along with formation of a 22-member committee, named "Moirang Khunou Grazing Ground Development and Protection Committee" for preservation of the 10 'lou paris' of land in Moirangkhunou Maning, which is serving as cattle grazing field.

The meeting, which was attended by Moirang Khunou GP pradhan L Dhaneshwar, Ward member H Sobita, M Jugeshwar and the elderly people of the locality, discussed the objections raised by some locals against the government's plan to construct an Eco-Tourism Park in the 10 lou paris of land in Moirangkhunou Maning.

After detailed discussion, the meeting resolved to donate .45 area of land on the side of Moirangkhunou road to the government for construction of the Eco-Tourism Park.

It also adopted other resolutions such as setting up a committee to preserve the cattle grazing field, inclusion of three members in the Committee from each club in the area, and approving all clubs and villagers wanting to join the Committee.

Kh Tombi was elected as the president of the new Committee, L Ibungo Meitei as vice president, M Itomcha as secretary and L Brojen as assistant secretary.