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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Mt Harriet to be now Mt Manipur

Source: The Sangai Express
Imphal, October 16 2021: Home Minister Amit Shah has announced that Mount Harriet in Andaman and Nicobar islands will be renamed as Mount Manipur in honour of Maharaja Kulchandra Singh and 22 freedom fighters who were jailed in Kala Pani.

The Home Minister announced this as a part of Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav and said Manipur fought valiantly against the British in 1891.Manipur was the only State that had implemented its own Constitution, he added.

The Union Home Minister said that though Manipur was under British occupation for a long time, the freedom fighters of Manipur always fought the British tooth and nail in battle.

Manipuri war hero Yuvraj Tikendrajit and General Thangal were publicly hanged in Imphal.

The British thought that by hanging them, they had crushed the freedom movement, but it did not happen.

After that Maharaja Kulchandra Singh and 22 freedom fighters were sent to Kala Pani and they were kept here on Mount Harriet, an island, added the Home Minister.

The Union Home Minister said that today in his memory, "we would like to honor his contribution by naming Mount Harriet as Mount Manipur.

Amit Shah added that the Manipur Government has also expressed desire to build a memorial here, this memorial will inspire tourists, the youth and the younger generation across the country on how to fight with limited resources.

They still fought a battle in which defeat was certain and it was also certain that either the death penalty or the punishment of Kala Pani would be handed out" .

Those who died and those who survived came here and were imprisoned.

Amit Shah said that it is this spirit of freedom that "has given us a free India and we can never forget them." The Union Home Minister said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always worked to honour those who fought for the country.