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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Khuringmul village celebrates 37th Annual Harvesting Festival

Source: The Sangai Express

Chandel, October 18 2021: Khuringmul village under Chandel district celebrated its 37th Annual Harvesting Festival on October 16 & 17 under the theme, "Give honour to God with thy blessing of harvest" .

The former chief of Komlathabi and Rina Aimol attended the festival as presidium members.

Traditional songs and dances presented by various groups narrating the traditional folktales were the main highlight of the festival.

Addressing the gathering, K Solomon, one of the founder and present chief of the village narrated the cultural story and emphasised on the rich and beautiful tradition and customs of the Tarao tribe which has been passed down through generations in detail.

It may be noted that Khuringmul village which was founded in 1984 is situated just 2 Km to the west of Pallel bazar but the stark difference in facilities or the lack thereof relating to transport, communication and other basic amenities is glaring.

Despite many shortcomings, the generous and hospitable villagers have managed to make the best of their limited resources and organised a feast during the festival to display the rich and beautiful traditional rituals.