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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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ERDO takes up special measures to stop banana waste

Source: Chronicle News Service

Imphal, October 18 2021: Economic and Resources Development Organisation (ERDO), Kangleipak has taken up various measures to encourage the banana farmers of Noney district and prevent their produces from going waste but using them to create huge source of income, one of which is marketing the fruit as banana chips.

As part of the activities undertaken by ERDO to improve the economy of the state, the organisation provided training on making banana chips to a banana farmer named Gaijailun of Longmai Part-1, Noney district, while further announcing a future collaboration with the farmer.

Through the training, farmer will be making 500 to 1000 kg of banana chips, which will then be linked to the market in the state and other states by ERDO.

Speaking to The People's Chronicle in this regard, ERDO president Sanajaoba Takhellambam informed that Noney district is one of the largest producers of banana.

However, the bananas cannot be sold all at the same time, leading to wastage.

Thus, ERDO has begun providing training to farmers so as to help them prevent the wastage and instead, convert their produces into marketable products.

For the first phase, the training is being provided to Gaijailun and his family, through which they are now able to make banana chips successfully.

The family has set a target of making 500 to 1000 kg of banana chips, in a month.

The final products will be marketed by ERDO in the local market and markets outside the state.

ERDO will not let the efforts of the farmers and entrepreneurs go waste while forming the market link, he added.

Sanajaoba continued that efforts will be taken up to provide similar training to many farmers.

ERDO has already adopted 50 families and 10 villages in Noney district and process has been initiated for production pf oranges, ghost chilli peppers, fermented bamboo shoots and banana after value addition.

This will help reduce the expenses during transportation, he added.

Meanwhile, ERDO vice president Naorem Mohen also attended the training programme with secretary Shanta Nahakpam.

The secretary stressed the need for entrepreneurs to purchase the produces from farmers and help in increasing their income and becoming Independent.