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| Last Updated:24/07/2024

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Loktak Day 2021 : Deputy Speaker calls for collective efforts to save Loktak lake

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, October 20 2021: Loktak Day Celebration Committee in keeping with their yearly tradition of celebrating Loktak Day organised the 26th Loktak Day Celebration 2021 at Komlakhong near Chingthi hill today.

Deputy Speaker, MLA Kongkham Robindro attended the event as chief guest and addressed the gathering stating that the Loktak lake cannot be saved solely by the Government's efforts.

The people residing in the vicinity of the lake have a lot of responsibility in this regard, thus, he appealed for their help and support in this collective effort.

It is time to recognise the uncountable ways people benefit from the Loktak, he continued, implying the losses people would suffer should this lake get irreversibly polluted.

Acknowledging the amount of pollutants Nambul river drains into the Loktak lake, Chief Minister N Siren Singh has introduced certain initiatives to ensure that the Nambul river remains clean.

If Nambul river can be cleanly maintained, a large share of the pollutants destroying the Loktak lake will be taken care of, MLA Kongkham Robindro added.

He touched upon the topic of how the lake contributes towards the maintenance of ecological balance and serves as the habitat of the endangered Sangai and various migratory birds.

Urging the people to investigate, the multiple causes that lead to the pollution of the Loktak lake, he called for everyone to participate in this collective attempt to save the lake, adding that such a beautiful gift from nature must be cherished and conserved.

President of Loktak Day Celebration Committee Asem Sharat graced the event as president of the celebration and stated that the magnitude of the 26th Loktak Day celebration had to be reduced due to the ongoing pandemic.

He urged the people to understand why Loktak Day is celebrated and help in conserving this natural wonder.

As part of the event, Deputy Speaker, MLA Kongkham Robindro led the gathering in presenting an offering of fruits and flowers to Loktak Lairembi and releasing fishes/fry into the lake.

Other notable attendees who were present at the event includes from Rabi, presideht BJP Mayang Imphal Mandal; Njngthoujam Basanta, pradhan Laph upat Tera Komlakhong GP; Wangjam MOhindro, ward member Laphupaf Tera Komlakhong GP; Chirorri Gopal, SDPO member Mayang Imphal Police Station and OC O Jaymangal.