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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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'Save Loktak' call rung out

Source: Chronicle News Service

Imphal, October 20 2021: Manipur Legislative Assembly deputy speaker Kongkham Robindro has said that the government alone cannot save Loktak Lake without the support and participation of the public.

He was attending the 26th Loktak Day Celebration 2021 held at Loktak Day Celebration Ground near Komlakhong Chingthi on Wednesday.

The celebration is held every year on the full moon day of Meetei lunar month, Mera.

Attending as chief guest of the event, Robindro said that people living in the periphery of Loktak Lake have major roles to play in saving the water body while understanding the livelihood provided by the lake.

Without their support and participation, any attempt of the government alone cannot bring success, he said while urging those residing around the lake in Mayang Imphal AC to play their part in salvaging the deteriorating condition of the lake.

Pollutants carried down by Nambul River have been the major cause of degrading the condition of the Lake.

The Biren government is taking up special initiatives to keep Nambul River clean as part of the initiative to save Loktak Lake, which is playing a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance.

Besides, Loktak Lake is home to several natural resources and endangered species such as Sangai among others.

The degrading condition of the lake is also affecting their sustenance and it is time the public understand their roles and responsibilities, he added.