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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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State wide celebration must to save Loktak: Dr Ratankumar

Source: Chronicle News Service
Imphal, October 21 2021: Asserting that Loktak Lake has not only been providing livelihood to thousands of families in the state but also helping in maintaining the climatic condition of the state, ex-MLA of Mayang Imphal assembly constituency Dr Kh Ratankumar has stressed the need for organising Loktak Day celebration cum awareness programmes in different parts of the state in order to save the lake.

Speaking as chief guest of the first Loktak Day celebration held under the theme 'Save Loktak, Save Our Planet' at Mayang Imphal on Thursday, Dr Ratankumar observed that celebrating the event only at Komlakhong and Thanga cannot achieve the desired goal.

It needs celebration cum awareness in different parts of the state such as at the origins of the rivers that fall directly or indirectly into the Lake and places along the route of these rivers among others.

Organising the day at Mayang Imphal is just an act of offering prayer to Loktak Lake for providing livelihood support, safe habitat to various wildlife resources and for playing the crucial role of maintaining the climatic condition of the state.

Organising such programmes once in a year in a location cannot bring the desired result.

Siltation of riverbeds of rivers that fall into the lake and pollution in these rivers are among the major causes for the degrading condition of Loktak Lake.

It needs public participation for a holistic approach to save the lake, he said.

Several schemes are being implemented for the people settled in and around the lake.

Total sanitation programmes have been taken up to keep the lake clean and free from pollution.

Several water supply schemes are being fed from the lake.

Despite knowing these, people still pollute the lake and it needs proper awareness among the people to do away such habits, he added.

Indian Bird Conservation Network state coordinator Birjit Ningthemcha also aired the same concern regarding celebration of Loktak Day in different parts of the state and emphasised on celebrating on a wider scale.

Senior citizen Th Modhu said that developed countries are developing artificial lakes for a better future whereas in the state, nobody is taking enough care for the existing water bodies.

Loktak Lake used to have an area of 300 square kilometres but it has been reduced to only 236 square kilometres as per record mentioned in the Loktak Protection Act.

At this rate, the lake will vanish in a short period, he said.