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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Nemcha calls for stopping poppy cultivation

Source: Chronicle News Service

Kangpokpi, October 23 2021: The Christian Revival Youth Department of Christian Revival Church (CRYD CRC), Kangpokpi celebrated its Silver Jubilee on Saturday in the presence of the Kangpokpi MLA Nemcha Kipgen and 143 Bn CRPF Commanding Officer Lamkam Lhoujem at the Church campus.

Speaking on the occasion, Nemcha called for stopping the illegal practice of poppy cultivation and exhorted the people to pursue various other decent means of livelihood available.

She said that Church has a big role to play in shaping the society and that youth department of the Church too has to shoulder the responsibility for proper guidance to the future pillars of the nation.

She encouraged the Christian.

Revival Youth Department of Christian Revival Church to be a torch bearer and an ambassador of righteous society and nation.

The MLA also instilled the spirit of concern and awareness on the importance of land, and its preservation saying that people would not be able to live peacefully when their land is not peaceful.

The MLA also stressed that the people especially the youth must understand that the Government has protected our land with appropriate Constitutional rights and Articles and that they must know how to preserve and protect it.

The MLA further exhorted the people to be sincere and dedicated towards the service of humankind as service to humans is service to God.

MLA Nemcha released a souvenir published to commemorate the Silver Jubilee celebration and CRC India general secretary Rev Seilun dedicated it after unveiling followed by dedication of the Jubilee monolith by Pastor Amos Seigoulen, M Div Pastor Manipur Gamkai.

The dignitaries and Church leaders, along with local CSOs leaders beat a traditional gong 'Dahpi' 25 times to mark commencement of the celebration before a condolence service led by William, Chairman Christian Revival Youth Department.

The founding chairman of Christian Revival Youth Development, Sehjahao, its pioneer Henkholam, Vice-Chairperson Lamneilhing, and Lamneithem spoke on the history and genesis of the youth department of CRC.

Earlier, Rev Seilun hoisted the Jubilee flag on Friday and inaugurated the Jubilee Hall.

Lamkam Lhoujem, Commanding Officer, 143 Bn CRPF also spoke on the monumental role of the youth in the society and the Church while exhorting the Christian Revival Youth Department to work with commitment and dedication towards God's kingdom.

Pastor Amos Seigoulen exhorted the youth based on Gospel Corinth as to how they should overcome earthly difficulties and hardships.

Presentation to the former leaders of Christian Revival Youth Department led by Satgoumang, Secretary Jubilee Committee, and appreciation marked the event while various Church choir groups enthralled the crowd with their melodious songs.

Jubilee musical nite was conducted in the evening with various prominent Gospel artistes at the Church campus.