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| Last Updated:01/03/2024

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4000 MT rice in danger of going waste

Source: Chronicle News Service
Imphal, October 13 2021: Around 4000 metric tonnes of paddy crops in Pourabi of Khundrakpam AC are in danger of going to waste due to irregular supply of water and delayed distribution of fertiliser.

On Wednesday, Economic and Resources Development Organisation (ERDO-Kangleipal) conducted an inspection with media persons, wherein it was found that around 1000 'lou pari' in Pourabi Makou Loukon did not have any irrigation system in place.

There was no sign of the central of the state governments taking up agriculture related irrigation system in the area, he added, the team, which also comprised Pourabi farmers and Pourabi Covid-19 Joint Task Force members, found that many of the crops have failed to flower or ripen due to lack of water.

There was no structure in Ithei Loukon for supply of water to the 1000 'lou pari', which is the source of food of around 300 households.

As such, the government scheme of providing water to farmers cannot be taken up in the area.