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| Last Updated:24/07/2024

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Mysterious disease stalks buffaloes at Senapati 8 cattleheads die at Phaibung Khullen village

 Source: The Sangai Express
Senapati, October 05 2021: After mysterious deaths of buffaloes were reported from Ukhrul district yesterday, similar cases have also been reported in Phaibung Khullen village in Senapati district.

Villagers stated that as many as 8 buffaloes have died of the mysterious disease since September 30.Sources from the village mentioned that livestock died soon after they refused to graze and their stomach started to bloat.

On receiving information about the death of livestock, the District Veterinary Department had reportedly rushed to the spot on October 2 last and had performed an autopsy of the carcass and collected samples which were sent to laboratory at Directorate of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry in Imphal.


                       Mysterious disease stalks buffaloes at Senapati

Officials of the department have informed that the result of the samples being tested will come back in a day or two and the exact cause of the mysterious deaths of buffaloes will be ascertained.

The village chairman, RK Chozii appealed to the authorities concerned to look into the misery of the affected villagers where such livestock is considered the wealth of a family.