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| Last Updated:01/03/2024

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Senapati Forest Division celebrates "Wildlife Week, 2021"

Source: The Sangai Express

Senapati, October 02 2021: Senapati Forest Division on Friday celebrated 'Wildlife Week, 2021' by organising competitions for school children at St Anthony's School, Rikhumai Taphou, Senapati.

The 66 Wildlife Week was celebrated under the theme, 'Wildlife, Nature & Human Existence'.

Competitions including essay writing and online slogans for various categories were conducted during the programme.

Quiz competition was also held for classes IX to XII.

Speaking on the occasion, D John Sha, MFS, DFO, Senapati Forest Division stated that Wildlife Week is celebrated all over India in the first week of October to inculcate the importance of wildlife and forest.

He mentioned that although Manipur is a small State, report says that Manipur supports more than 22% of flora and fauna biodiversity, of which, 25% is endemic.

34 species of edible fungi, 500 species of orchids, 55 species of bamboos, 240 fish species, 430 medicinal plants, 600 species of birds, 90 species of mammals, 35 species of amphibians, etc are found in the State.

Manipur has earned a position in the top 10 Biodiversity Hotspots of the world and second in India, he added.

Later, prizes for the competitions were also distributed in the order of merit as follows:
Online slogan writing competition - R Rahane San from St Anthony School, Ledu Christopher of St Anthony's School and Maveo Kashipri of Mave School for first category (Classes VI to VIII);
Veveine Vemai of St Anthony's School, Shomerin of Lao Radiant Hr Sec School, and Kohloune of Lao Radiant Hr Sec School for second category (Class IX to XII);
In the essay writing competition - Th Roshine of Mt Everest Hr Sec, Elizabeth of Lao Radiant Hr Sec, and Eveni Vivienne Kashipri of Mave School for classes VI to VIII;
In the quiz competition - Shoveinii Shapou of St Anthony's School, Judea Kebi Rangnamai of St Anthony's School, and Hriishine Ramai of St Anthony's School for Classes IX to XII.

Moreover, consolation prizes were also awarded to 8 students.