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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Senapati farmers encouraged to grow cardamon

Source: Chronicle News Service

Senapati, September 23 2021: With an aim to encourage farmers and enhance their productivity, a seminar on the importance of organic farming under the theme "Learn one, teach one" was organised by Khudaimi Organic Farmers' Association at Khongdei Khuman village community hall in Senapati district on September 21.The village is located some 70 km away from the district headquarters.

A panel discussion led by K Felix was held with experienced farmers during which they shared and discussed their experiences and ideas with the gathering.

One of the senior farmers, Ch Kharammo shared his experience on cultivation of large cardamom in his village after buying seedlings from the neighbouring village and said that he is ready to sell his large cardamom seedlings to interested villagers at cheaper rate.

He also shared the methods of growing large cardamom.

D Visitor, one of the farmers who participated in the discussion, highlighted the importance of spacing and pruning of large cardamom plants in the farm.

In the first two years, large cardamom can be grown with other crops like maize, yam and so on, and the suitable season for planting large cardamom is from March to September, he added.

Another participant, Ch Chitpao informed the gathering that shady and slope area with some big trees around is best suited for large cardamom farm.

On the other hand, W Solomon shared a few tips regarding harvesting of large cardamon and said that it should be done when it is fully grown for better quality and for better yield.

He encouraged other farmers to grow cardamom as its price increases every year.

M Silas, one of the panellists, said that he has strong determination to earn good amount through farming in few years' time and advised fellow farmers to work hard to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

One of the organisers who initiated the programme, LR Dupao Angam, who has years of experience in business sector abroad, said that every activity should start from a humble beginning and grow bigger step by step.

He encouraged and advised the farmers to produce their crops in huge quantity to attract investors for marketing, while challenging the village's farmers to produce 20,00,00 kg after 4 years which would fetch them around Rs 70 lakh.

Earlier, the programme started with prayer and exhortation by local pastor K Pf Dapunii.

It was attended by around 100 farmers, church and village leaders and others.

It may be mentioned that Khong-dei Khuman is one of the remotest villages of Senapati district where there is no proper road connectivity.

Government employees in the village are very few.

The organisers felt that only through farming activity can the villagers enhance their source of income.

It was the first such programme organised in the village to help the farmers.