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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Huge quantity of tobacco products seized, destroyed

Source: Chronicle News Service

Imphal, September 18 2021: A huge quantity of tobacco products seized from one shopkeeper named Jakku Roy was destroyed by setting on fire on Saturday.

In a statement issued by its IPR secretary, Peoples' Action for National Democratic Movement (PANDM) said that it has been launching crackdown on sale of tobacco products till date.

On Saturday morning, its volunteers conducted a drive at the shop owned by Jakku Roy, who had been warned multiple times, and seized huge quantity of tobacco products like Zarda, Khaini, Sikhar-1000, Gutka, Pan Para, Raja, Sajan Khaini, etc., and destroyed the same in public view.

PANDM volunteers along with Food Safety officials had previously seized huge quantity of tobacco products worth over Rs 1 lakh from Jakku's shop and destroyed the same.

However, the shopkeeper continued to ignore the warnings of state CSOs and acted against the wishes of the people.

His arrogance has only raised suspicions on whether he has some powerful backer.

Urging the backer(s), if any, to stop such support immediately; PANDM said that it will seize the tobacco products if they were found being transported for sale and purchase in other districts.

It then appreciated the police personnel involved in the Saturday's drive.

Further urging the government to look into matter; the body said that the people of the state are the only ones who can save Manipur from outsiders.

As such, PANDM appealed to the people of the state to extend support to all its activities.