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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Harmful effects of tobacco use highlighted

 Source: Chronicle News Service / Kaimuanthang Mangte

Churachandpur, September 18 2021: A cancer awareness and anti-tobacco campaign was organised by TSI, a group of oral health care centres in Manipur, in association with American Oncology Institute, Manipur Unit, at D Phailien village in Churachandpur district on Saturday.

Dr Dhaneshwor Naorem, consultant, head and neck Onco surgery, and Dr Ranibala Yengkhom (dental surgeon, chief consultant) TSI were resource persons of programme sponsored by Manipur Pharmacy and attended by around 500 people.

It was organised with the aim to control widespread use of tobacco and generate awareness among the masses about the danger of using tobacco.

Dr Dhaneshwor Naorem spoke on how to diagnose cancer and give treatment.

He also stated that 75 percent of cancers are preventable and tobacco is most commonly used by the northeasters, adding that 60 percent of cancers are caused by consumption of tobacco products.

Dr Ranibala said that there are too many tobacco users in Manipur because of which she in her limited capacity has been taking steps to spread awareness about danger of using tobacco in the state and beyond.

She cautioned that tobacco consumption is significantly high in Churachandpur which will have adverse impact on the health of the users and affect the younger generation, if the trend continues.

Dr Ranibala then clarified that she wanted to do something good for the youngsters of Churachandpur and did not plan to make a big business, while appealing to all to stop using too much tobacco to save the next generation.

She also offered help to those living below the poverty line and having dental problems to come to her clinic at Thangjam road and get themselves checked free of cost.