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| Last Updated:24/07/2024

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Gooseberry plantation drive conducted at Kaibi village

 Source: The Sangai Express

Senapati, September 13 2021: A 'Gooseberry plantation' drive was conducted in Kaibi village on Saturday as part of the pilot project under Songsong block, Senapati district.

The plantation drive was participated by about 480 persons.

In a release, the village Chairman, Adani and village secretary, P Daniel informed that similar drives to plant more saplings would be conducted in the near future.

The drive is targeting to plant around 6,818 gooseberry tree saplings this year in order to generate income for the village and supply gooseberry fruits in the State.

P Daniel expressed his gratitude to Senapati DC, Chief Secretary and Songsong SDO for taking up this project in Kaibi village.

He also thanked the villagers for co-operating in the plantation and for cleaning the area.

More than 3,000 saplings were planted during the drive.