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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Mudslide destroys houses, properties worth 12 lakh

 Source: Chronicle News Service

Senapati, September 08 2021: Mudslide that occurred due to heavy rainfall on September 7 in Senapati district destroyed houses and properties worth around Rs 12 lakh.

The incident hap pened at Kathikho Karong, about 3 km from Senapati Police Station, at about 6:30 pm.

Three residential houses had been damaged by the mudslide.

Three walls on the northern side of the houses collapsed due to sliding of the retaining wall made by the villagers.

Kitchen utensils, furniture and a granary were among other properties worth Rs 12 lakh destroyed by the mudslide.

However, there were no casualties.

The owner of the ill-fated house has been identified as Z Ningaolo (43), h/o of Medoii.

A Neli, a village elder of Kathikho Karong village, informed that the destruction happened due to heavy rain that lashed Senapati at around 6:30 pm.

The village elders have urged the authority concerned to extend assistance in whatever way possible to the ill-fated family.

The inspection was participated by Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer, Mk Elizabeth; Village Executive Worker in charge, Shamulamlan Block, Tejmani & Michael; Progressive Farmers Association Sagang president, M Rekhupsong Kom; vice president, M Achung Kom; LV Asong Kom; general secretary, L Thangkhupreng Kom and other members of the association.