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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Torrential rain washes away road in Tamenglong

 Noney, August 26 2021: Torrential rainfall damaged a portion of road between Azuiram and Namtiram villages in Tamenglong district.

The damaged road is the lifeline of the people, particularly those living in Saramba and Maguluang segments of Tousem sub-division.

Following the damage, no vehicles could pass through the road at the moment.

The denizens of Tousem sub-division have drawn attention of authorities concerned for repairing the road at the earlier.

But it seems that it may take some days for resumption of normal vehicular movement.

Meanwhile, the Tamenglong
Tousem road has been in deplorable condition for a very long time.

People in Tousem sub-division have been dreaming of an all-weather road as they wait for the authorities concerned to take notice of their plight and improve condition of the road at the earliest.