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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Royal Brothers, Senapati rides to PHC, Bendramai for tree plantation

 Source: The Sangai Express

Senapati, August 28 2021: The Royal Brothers, Senapati under the umbrella of Biking Community of India organised a ride for the cause 'Save Earth Ride' to PHC Bendramai and carried out a tree plantation drive.

During a short gathering at Traffic Point, Senapati, the President of the Royal Brothers, Senapati stated that many people talk about planting more trees to control pollution and preserving soil, etc but only few act on it to save the environment.

The ride was flagged off by M Pradip Singh, IPS, Superintendent of Police Senapati.

M Pradip Singh expressed his happiness over the initiative of the Royal Brothers, Senapati and lauded the young and energetic riders of the district for taking up the responsibility to save the Earth.

He expressed his desire for the youths to take up more responsibility and help in policing to prevent crimes in the district.

He also pointed out the need to take care of the saplings post plantation at various places of the district and urged the young community to nurture and care for the planted saplings.

Adahrii Maheo, MCS, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Senapati appreciated the district biking community and others for carrying out the plantation drive in Bendramai and urged the people to take up similar activities in the future.

D John Sha, DFO, Senapati Forest Division also encouraged the young and old to plant more trees while adding that planting trees would help increase soil fertility, control soil erosions, etc.